Diamond Band Knife Blade
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    What is the time taken to deliver the blades?

    Depends on the quantity and the dimensions. In case of an emergency we can ship on the same working day.

    How do I know the status of my order?


    What specifications do you require for ordering the band knife blades?


    I want to order a band knife but I do not know the dimension?


    I do not know the blade dimensions and the metal tag also is missing?


    I bought an old machine and there is no tag or any reference?


    What is the mode of Transportation?


    Do you offer technical assistance for difficult to cut materials?


    Do you offer other dimensions on request?


    Is there one blade which can cut all materials?


    I have an urgent order to complete and I do not have any blades?


    Do you provide free samples?


    How do I make my payments?


    What kind of packing you offer?


    Can I ask you a question about the blades?


    Where is your manufacturing company located?


    Do you have dealers / distributors in other countries?


    I wish to become a dealer for Diamond Band Knife Mfg Co?


    I have an exposure to the field but I do not have much experience selling blades?


    Do you also offer spares for the cutting machines?


    How do I order for spares for the cutting machine?

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